What Is a Smart Home?

A smart home is a home outfitted with devices that can be controlled over an internet connection on one’s desktop, tablet, or smartphone. These connected devices can be appliances, lights, security systems, cameras, audio and video systems, televisions, thermostats, and even sprinklers. Generally speaking, if your home has devices that connect to each other and [...]

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What is a smart thermostat?

A smart thermostat is responsible for controlling your home’s temperature. As with many smart devices, smart thermostats connect to your home network, giving you remote access and control over all the device’s functions. These smart devices differ slightly from their programmable counterparts. The latter can merely be set to turn on or off at select [...]

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Are all Z-Wave devices compatible?

Yes, all Z-Wave devices are compatible. You can buy Z-Wave products from any manufacturer and be confident that they will work with other Z-Wave smart home gadgets. The Z-Wave Alliance undergirds device interoperability, and the organization holds a vested interest in making Z-Wave the de facto standard in home automation.

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Which devices are most commonly controlled in a smart home?

The most common smart home connected devices fall into four categories: lighting, climate control, entertainment, and security. 1. Smart Lighting Smart lightbulbs and related accessories tend to be fairly easy to install and use. They also offer advantages such as timers, schedulers, and motion-sensing capabilities. 2. Smart Thermostats Thermostats are also commonly automated, as attested [...]

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What are the elements of a home automation system?

At the most basic level, home automation systems are made up of three elements: a smart device, a hub, and a connected application. While some smart systems work with just two of those above elements—a single device that works directly with an app or a hands-free hub that controls smart gadgets—most systems work through all [...]

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Are Smart Homes affordable?

Smart homes are affordable—as long as you set a budget before venturing into the world of home automation. As a general rule, the home automation cost for a simpler setup will be substantially less than a complex setup. Not all smart homes are the same. Some include automation for nearly every electronic device, while others [...]

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