How does an inverter work?

Solar power inverters convert DC power to AC power. All of the appliances in your home use AC power and most all of the world is powered by AC power (unless you live on an island). Without inverters, your solar panels will only produce DC power, which your home cannot use.

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What maintenance is required?

Not much at all. You should rinse off dust and grime twice a year, but if you just let the rain do the work you might not even notice. Clean the solar panels regularly if that area of your home or business is known to collect lots of big debris or is a popular bird [...]

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Should I reroof before installing solar panels?

If you add solar to your roof today and then a few years later wanted to reroof, it’s not that expensive to quickly remove the panels from the roof, re-roof, and put them back on. In most cases, the amount of power that you would have saved by installing solar is greater than the cost [...]

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What happens if the power goes out? Will I still have power from my solar panels?

Most solar power systems are connected directly to your home or business and the electrical grid. Some solar power systems have an energy storage component which provides backup power during a power outage. If you have ever been without power, you may feel that adding energy storage is critical to your home or business. Fortunately, [...]

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How do solar hot water systems work?

Today, it’s likely that you have a traditional water heater/storage tank (big white, cylindrical tank) in your home or business. This tank uses a heating element to heat water for use in the shower, sink, washing machine, and other appliances. This heating element uses a LOT of electricity to heat water for you. A solar [...]

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I don’t think my HOA will let me install solar.

Incorrect! California has several laws designed to encourage solar access and prevent restrictions on the installation of solar energy systems. Specifically, the Solar Rights Act. It states that no HOA can restrict you from installing solar panels on your roof based on where they’re installed or how they look. Basically, you have the right to [...]

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